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Broken Glass

by Derbe Lebowski

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Broken Glass 02:00
throwing glass on the ground every bottle that i found shards all around me like my life used to be smashing windows close to me every glassy thing i could see shards all around me like my life used to be i pick the fragments off the ground no more slivers are around i go on with clenched teeth cuts from flinders start to bleed blood is dripping off my fingers
Home Coming 00:45
sergeant said kill kill for your country i had no fear god was leading me now i’m back back in a body bag there is no god who could save me
Keep Calm 00:57
is this the sense of being human? keep calm don't think keep calm don't question stay conform
scornful looks prejudices whispering YOU’RE embarrassing don’t judge a book by its cover what you wear says nothing about what you think tolerance? cohesion? i can’t see it superficiality, vanity, is what i see wear whatever the fuck you want but „style“ means nothing a disguised asshole, is still an asshole
TV Reality 00:27
denunciation and perversion the shady art of entertainment public humiliation like in ancient rome bread and circuses in the modern world
one morning coleoptera woke up from anxious dreams discovered he’d been changed into a verminous monster he lay on his back his bug armor was missing as he lifted his head there was no chitin his numerous legs became human „what’s happened to me?“ it was no dream a patriarchic bug, squeezed to death then he realized, what he’d just done i dreamed i was kafka it was a nightmare i became a human being
sedatives wolfed down like sweets nasty side effects increasingly heap vertigo suppressed by hallucinating cephalea attended by trembling emptiness feeds my brain where’s the path to the world of dreams? fuck insomnia
Relentless 00:47
can’t push me down i rise up you push me down can’t stand your shit you push me down can't push me down you push me down i stand up beg on my knees? i stand up you’ll never stop me can’t push me down
Forsaken 01:27
frustrating job - beloved family workaholic - alcoholic no social life - encapsulated file for divorce - lost everyone forsaken, the only one in your life forsaken, no one knows you’re alive booze - the god you live for worship him, crawling on the floor „decomposed body found in one-room flat“ but for years you’ve already been dead forsaken - already dead
spreading rumors of others faults searching for the mistakes you’ve done ignoring the problems you struggle with no one notices your tears no one notices your sadness no one notices your pain but the they all notice your mistakes never wanted to hurt you a circle of harm around me whoever gets inside will be cursed tried to avoid you get sucked in though it happened - i don't know why i built a vortex of suffering hate all the bullshit i have done never wanted to be that cruel though it happened - i don't know why
(TM) 00:20
caught in a stupid scene with no personality hardcore became a trademark and is used to make money where’s the criticism? where’s the individuality? pointless punk should fuck off and their dull, sexist shit
Big Mouth 00:49
you make empty promises big mouth strikes again it's okay, you sure do it big mouth strikes again if i really need you, you’re not there big mouth strikes again big mouth, nothing more giving your word the whole day big mouth, nothing more go, disappoint me again big mouth, nothing more i don't need you, fuck off
you hate your situation can't find a solution follow thoughts of fascist, like „immigrants occupy your nation“ but it's your fault that you live in this shit your life is fucked up but you’ve fucked it by yourself
my hate against this world can’t be described in words i hope nobody has ever felt how much these thoughts hurt all these mindless people say this, than do that just keep your dumb mouth shut all that comes out is crap mankind is a curse we are epidemic germs destroying all life that’s ever lived on earth
Claws 00:58
white smoke covers my sight can’t escape, caught by herbal claws the effect rushes into my brain i barely remember recent days blurred and foggy, lost time the green devil takes over my mind lets me end up in smoke, senses are blind you make me feel numb you make me feel drained please let me go i don’t need you
slowly rotting padded chamber slowly rotting mental institution electric shocks seizures set in unconsciousness severed thalamus frontal lobe nerve tracks slowly rotting psychosurgery deep frontal cut orbitoclast applied slowly come round feelings erased
needless anger inside absurd hatred inside what is the point? you don’t choose who you like love whoever you want genders shouldn’t matter at all unnatural? immoral? how can you hate somebody who loves machmal muss man auch erstmal an den punkt kommen an dem andere schon waren um zu verstehen was sie bewegt wir sind verschieden wie wir lieben man kann in deinem leben lesen wie in einem offenen buch das ich langweilig find' mach die augen auf entwaffne die angst sie ist nur konstruiert fuck your homophobia, i don’t get your „phobia“ you’d better have an „i’ll punch you in the face“-phobia


released August 7, 2014

You are able to place your orders via our bandcamp page or the Spastic Fantastic Records webshop (www.spasticfantastic.de/catalog/). If you want to avoid bandcamp fees and save some money (for you and us) or pick up your copy personally, write us an e-mail to: derbelebowski@gmx.de.

Pressing info:
400 Black
200 Clear Red (100 w/ regular cover, 100 w/ screen printed cover)

Artwork by Philip Hölldobler (echos-oratos.net)
Inlay by Johann Zimmer (über-okeh.de)
Photo by Tommy

Mixed, mastered and additional vocals on "Ungraspable Thinking" by Ben-John.
Recorded live on the 21th April 2014 in our practice room at the Rigaer94 by Ben-John.

Released through:
Spastic Fantastic Records

Vocals: Damon
Bass: Kurt
Guitar: Marvin
Drums: Nils

Contact: derbelebowski@gmx.de


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Derbe Lebowski Berlin, Germany

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