Derbe Lebowski

by Derbe Lebowski



released June 30, 2017

Artwork by Philip Hölldobler

Inlay by Johann Zimmer

Photography by Ruby

Screen printing by Paul Ayuhara Prints

Recorded on the 4th and 5th March 2016 at Hidden Planet Studio by Jan Oberg

Mixed and mastered in summer 2016 by Henner Rekorder

Released through:
Spastic Fantastic Records

Dead Heroes Records

Vocals: Damon
Bass: Kurt
Guitar: Marvin
Drums: Nils




all rights reserved


Derbe Lebowski Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Moloch
minds become dim
gloom is sinking in
i see lives overturning
bathing in the gutter
every spark of benevolence
is drowning in urban canyons
the filth’s altering me
just left the safe eggshell
to stumble on one’s own feet
face in the mud of grayness
on the needle of loneliness
from zero to a hundred
the moloch of glass and stone
feeds on our failures
we’re its bloodstream
blood pressure
the nightmare
came to life
Track Name: The Pessimist
all my hopes and dreams
are lying on the ground
on the ground of desperation
gloomy feelings
about the future
negative experience
negative approach
i am the pessimist
this world’s diseased
and there’s no cure
Track Name: Suppressed
terrible events in the past
stress builds character
tragedy - suppressed emotions
only blurry memories are left
like an old vhs cassette
which was dubbed over and over again
i can’t see clearly
i built a fortress of lies to safe me from life
my mind is playing tricks on me
sometimes it’s just better to let sleeping dogs lie
they rest in the deepest dungeons of my head
my personal way of grief
suppressed emotions
Track Name: Drowning
i’m clutching at straws
i am drowning
in a sea of shit
i can't move anymore
a sea of spit
it surrounds me
where is the plug
you just left me
fucking drowning
Track Name: Tinnitus
ringing in the ears
stop this madness
i can’t stand it any longer
i can’t bear it anymore
i want to tear out my eardrums
it’s crushing me from the inside
what the fuck is the problem again
your stabbing voice makes me sick
the feeling of thousand needles piercing my brain
i talk and talk and talk to a wall of bricks
you make mountains out of molehills
issues when nothing went wrong
but i don’t wallow in self-pity
Track Name: Obsessed With Hatred
the lust for death
again and again
covered in blood spills
that slowly congeal
not a friend and helper
perpetrator of violence
sadistic obsession
your badge is the relief
riot gear compensates (for)
your low self-esteem
obsessed with hatred
marks on your baton
tell your sick story
Track Name: Zero Tolerance
right wing parties
increase of blockheads
populism on the rise
baseless fears and
false pretenses
tools of fascists
to gain votes
now it’s our turn to stop them
where words fail, fists succeed
zero tolerance (for you)
we boot you down
taste the ground
the joy we feel
while you fall
i want to kick your face in
i want you to suffer
Track Name: Grinding Teeth
grinding teeth
during nights - horrible nights
waking up in pain
teeth crumbling away
a mouth full of fractures
spitting out
choking on pieces
the slight taste of vomit
losing the bite
nauseating feeling
lack of endurance
a mouth full of fractures - spitting them out bit by bit
disgusting thoughts loop in my mind
aching muscle cramps keep me awake
bursting noise resounds in my marrow
grinding teeth
worn down stubs
necrotic pulps
smoothed down chunks
Track Name: Wifi Torture
staring at your phone all day
asking for wifi wherever you appear
you constantly check your screen
won’t be offline and miss a thing
tracing like in 1984
now even with a mobile monitor
every dotcom has your data
big brother will thank you later